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Come and be a part of Delhi’s First Creative Commons Salon The event’s objective is to start the social collective of artists, developers and creators around the Creative Commons Licenses and standards.


1.30 PM        :    Organiser’s Note + Introduction + Open House

2.00 PM        :    Playback of Wireside Chat with Lawrence Lessig


 (Playback of 45 minutes chat given by Mr. Lessig on


 February 25th   2010 with additional 30 minutes of Q&A session)

3.30 PM        :      Open Educational Resources(OER) by Dr.Savithri Singh


4:15 PM        :     Focussed Sessions on Software Freedom, Creative Commons and Licenses

5.00 PM        :     Open House + Networking Sessions

6.00 PM        :     Roadmap for future CC Salons Delhi.

6.30 PM        :     Concluding Note


Lessig’s talk will explore copyright in a digital age, and the importance of a doctrine like fair use. Fair use allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, and is essential for commentary, criticism, news reporting, remix, research, teaching and scholarship with video. As a medium, online video will be most powerful when it is fluid, like a conversation. Like the rest of the internet, online video must be designed to encourage creative expression and political participation, not just passive consumption.



Lessig is the author of the seminal Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, and many other important works. For much of his career, Professor Lessig focused his work on law and technology, especially as it affects copyright. His current work addresses “institutional corruption” relationships which are legal, even currently ethical, but which weaken public trust in an institution. Lessig serves on the boards of Creative Commons, MAPLight, Brave New Film Foundation, Change Congress, The American Academy, Berlin, Freedom House and


Dr.Singh is the principal of Acharya Narendra Dev College,an Undergraduate college of the Delhi University(DU).She is an active evangelist and member of the first international advisory board of the WikiEducators(WE).She has spent a lot of time with curriculum,syllabus development at the school and University levels and has developed materials for School Science at both primary and senior levels,and is now busy developing elearning content materials at school and college levels.She has been using the Wikieducator for collaborative development of materials in a project involving IGNOU, INBAR, COL, CIBART and ANDC.




Open Video Alliance(OVA)

OSS Cube




We would like to thank Sarai(Event host) for extending their support in organizing this event.


Reaching Sarai:

29, Rajpur Road, Civil Lines, New Delhi - 110 054

Nearest Metro Station: Civil Lines


N.B - Event Venue is a Wi-Fi Zone! Please feel free to carry your laptops.


Mohak Prince (+91 98686 69175)
Mohak is the founder of MozillaCamp Delhi community and an active Web Evangelist. He has been actively involved with Mozilla in their community initiatives across the NCR Region. He is also leading Twestival Delhi Chapter.
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Kinshuk Sunil (+91 99100 24895)
Kinshuk is an active open source and social media evangelist and has been organizing series of participant-driven unconferences and technology meet-ups across India, including OSScamps, Indie GameDev India, MozillaCamp Delhi, OSI Days 2010, etc.
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29 Rajpur Road,Civil Lines,Delhi - 110054
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